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FAA certified remote pilot specializing in cinematic shots.

& Editor


- Environments

- Special events


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Edited to be professional 

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Existent Lifestyle was founded as a home to share my art and photography, as well as other inspiring works.

I am a FAA certified commercial drone pilot services, photography, video editing, as well as purchasing video are available here. My stock shop is on istock by Getty Images. I love to create cinematic shots of scenery and nature!

I have over 200 miles of flight distance and 30 + hours behind the controls. From the hot beaches, to the tops of mountains during the frigid winter, I have collected beautiful shots and editing cinematic videos of it, whilst each time looking to improve from the last. 

My businesses mission is to provide online stock photo and video, as well as provide videography and photography services available for hire. 

shop.existentlifestyle.com is the home to Existent Lifestyle's inspiring apparel and artwork store; clothing, prints, and accessories that is have designs and word that are inspiring and relatable to wear around to inspire your day.